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5 Must-have Nintendo Switch Accessories

by Samuel Goh
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5 Must-have Nintendo Switch Accessories

Thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch, either for yourself or as a gift to a special someone (if you had yet to buy your Nintendo Switch console, I recommend you to check out my post on “Where to buy the Nintendo Switch in Singapore“)? Or did you recently get a Nintendo Switch and am not sure what are the must-have Nintendo Switch accessories to get as you start out?

Read on to learn more about the must-have Nintendo Switch accessories! 🙂

#1 – Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The first must-have Nintendo Switch accessories that I get, for (almost) any gadget with a screen, will be the tempered glass screen protector. The same goes for my Nintendo Switch, last I want is to drop my Nintendo Switch and have my screen shattered on me.

Featured above is a 闪魔 branded anti-glare Nintendo Switch tempered glass screen protector.

I bought my tempered glass screen protectors off Taobao, a 闪魔 branded one and another from UGREEN. You can find the links to the tempered glass screen protectors below (and nope, they are not affiliate links):

闪魔 Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector – CNY$29 for 2; about SGD$5.70 for 2.
UGREEN Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector – CNY$25 for 2; about SGD$4.90 for 2.

#2 – Sandisk Micro SD Card (or any brand you preferred)

In your quest for the best micro SD card for your Nintendo Switch, you might have come across a Nintendo-licensed micro SD card. And you might be thinking “do I need to get that?”

The short and quick answer is no, there’s no need to get the official Nintendo-licensed micro SD card, even though they do seem to write a bit faster. According to printed specs, the official Nintendo-licensed micro SD Card writes at about 60-90 MB/s whereas the Sandisk Ultra 200GB micro SD card which I owned, writes at 20 MB/s. Read speed is the same for both cards at 100 MB/s.

Micro SD Card
Which Micro SD card should you get? Assuming you need one at all?

Next question you might ask, do I need a micro SD card and why do I need one for?
I will strongly advise you to get a micro SD card if you want to be able to take advantage of the Nintendo e-Shop sales that happen from time to time. The micro SD card is more for your digital downloaded games, rather than anything else. I will find time to talk more about physical Nintendo Switch games vs digital Nintendo Switch games.

So if you are convinced to get one, I recommend you to get one that is at least 256GB. My go-to brand has always been Sandisk. I tried Samsung ones in the past and I did have some bad experience but then again, maybe I just happen to be one of the few with lemons.

If you are in Singapore, I will recommend getting from 3pm.sg via Shopee. My experience with them had been great so far 🙂
And nope, I am not paid to do this (although I would love to be paid). Links to the micro SD cards can be found below:

Sandisk Official Nintendo-licensed Micro SD Cards
Sandisk Ultra A1 Micro SD Card

#3 – Nintendo Switch Grip

If you tried playing with your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode for hours, you will find that the way the whole thing is designed, is neither ergonomic nor meant for long continuous hours of handheld gaming.

A Nintendo Switch grip can greatly improve the ergonomic and your gaming-stamina (more like how long your hands can continue with the Switch before it starts aching).

Huge posh ergonomic grip for extended hours of playtime (as long as your battery allows)
Rear pockets for your Nintendo Switch catridges

I got mine from Taobao, a Sparkfox branded Nintendo Switch grip (about CNY$39 or SGD $7.80).
The Sparkfox Comfort Grip, besides bringing an erognomic holding posture to your Nintendo Switch, also features 5 pockets at the rear for your Nintendo Swtich catridges. An additional bonus is that you can use it as a stand too, in an upright position, if you plan to game with your controllers instead.

Most influencers and YouTubers recommend the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro.
Personally I have no experience with it and have zero ideas if it performs better or worse, or whether there’s any difference, to begin with…
Until I have someone convince me, else I will not be parting with my hard-earned US$24.99 (about SGD$35) for the Satisfye grip.
It is, after all, 5 times what the Sparkfox grip cost.

#4 – Tomtoc Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Next up on the list is a carrying case to safeguard your precious Nintendo Switch when you are out and about, or to keep them safely stow away when they are not in use at home.

The Tomtoc carrying case for your Nintendo Switch in understated black with red accentuate (with military-level protection they say)

The Tomtoc carry case, I had to say, is love-at-first-sight.
Stylish, thin, and lightweight, it ticks many of the checkboxes on my list of requirements.
Oh! Did I mention that it has a military-level protection hard shell?
If you have a number of physical game cartridges, the Tomtoc carry case also has storage for 10 of them!

I have a number of laptop sleeves from Tomtoc and love the quality of them!
Pretty little things, reasonably priced, and with an awesome build quality to match!

1,400 5-stars reviews on Amazon (and counting), hard to go wrong with this one.

Tomtoc has an official store on Lazada.sg but I can’t find this in stock and I got my Tomtoc carry case for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon for about US$22 (about SGD$31)!

#5 – Wireless Controller Adapters

Unlike the Playstation 4 or Xbox One controller, the Joycons are not built for long hours of gaming. It’s obvious. The PS4 or Xbox One controllers have ample grip area for your entire palm to wrap around.
The Joycons? Nothing.

This becomes really evident once you start playing with your Nintendo Switch in docked mode.
But thankfully, there are wireless controller adapters that allow you to pair your Playstation 4 and/or Xbox One controllers to the Nintendo Switch.

Now you can use your PS4 or Xbox One controllers with your Nintendo Switch console

I have both the Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless and the COOV N100 Pro. Both worked without any hiccups connecting my Playstation 4 controllers to my Nintendo Switch.

Will share more on the adapters later, do keep a lookout! 🙂

You can find links to the above wireless controller adapters below:

Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless (Aliexpress) – US$21 (about SGD$30)
COOV N100 Pro (Taobao) – CNY $90 (about SGD$18)

Bonus: Worthy Mentions – 8BitDo Controllers!

You can treat this as a continuation from #5 if you like 🙂

In lieu of wireless controller adapters, you can still have wireless controllers, either with the Nintendo Pro controllers or another set of Joycons. But there are more options – and a pretty good selection at that, courtesy of 8BitDo!

The 8BitDo SF30 Pro!

I have the 8BitDo SF30 Pro, which reminds me of my childhood days, spending long hours at my neighbour’s place playing on the Super Famicom console! The 8BitDo SF30 Pro requires no additional wireless controller adapter and connects directly to the Nintendo Switch.

Personally I recommend the following controllers from their product lineup:

8BitDo SN30 Pro (Super Nintendo color scheme) – SGD$58.90
8BitDo SF30 Pro (Super Famicom colour scheme) – SGD$59.90
8BitDo SN30 Pro+ (Super Nintendo color scheme) – SGD$67.90

What’s your poison?

Hope the above must-have Nintendo Switch accessories are useful to you! Is there anything that I miss out?
Let me know in the comments and see you soon in the next Nintendo Switch post (have a few in the making)!

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